Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm teaching a poetry writing workshop at the Omni Commons in the New Year!

Poems for the New Year
~ Poetry workshop with Sara Larsen ~
The class will explore poetry with an emphasis on creating your own new writing. We will read poems by poets, ancient, contemporary and in between. Students will be assigned short in-class and take-home writing experiments, which they will share with the class. Assignments will range from creating poems using chance methods to writing from the tarot, exploring bodily sensations and movement, and much more. All writing assignments will be geared towards the class dynamic and are subject to change.

This class is great for anyone who wants to begin or renew a writing practice, as well as practicing poets who just want to shake things up a bit in their writing world and see what happens!

The class will be by registration only. Four 4-hour classes will cost $200 per person, with a $100 deposit due by December 23, 2014. Unless other arrangements are made in advance, balance of payment will be due the first class. I will offer one work-study with a discounted rate. Please email me if you are interested in work-study, as I expect this role to be filled quickly.
Workshop dates:

January 3 @ 12-4 pm
February 7 @ 12-4 pm
March 7 @ 12-4 pm
April 4 @ 12-4 pm

The Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave
in the 2nd floor OmniDance room

Please email me to apply for registration at:

About me:  My newest book is All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous, from Printing Press. Another full-length book, Merry Hell, is forthcoming from Atelos Press. I have performed my work widely including The Berkeley Art Museum, Grace Cathedral, LitQuake, and at Multifarious Array in NYC. Over the course of two years, my partner David Brazil and I published over 60 issues of the seminal literary zine Try Magazine. My chapbooks include NOVUS, A,a,a,a,a, The Hallucinated, Merry Hell and most recently, After Sappho. You can find readings, links, updates on my work, and other various attentions on my blog at:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

David Brazil on rhyme at Berl's. Oh trust me. You do want to hear this.

Nico took this photo of me last night with the proof of All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous, which will be ready by the Hearts Desire reading on November 23rd at the Omni Commons!

I feel so happy and liberated that this book is coming forward.

Also, I love this book cover. That's a candid of me and Alli Warren, taken by Michael Cross. I think it's kind of bad ass. The radical image of 2 women having fun.

You can order the book HERE

Nico Peck's book, The Pyrrhiad, is also out this month from Evan Kennedy's Dirty Swan Projects. This is THE BOOK I have been waiting for all year.

You haven't read it yet, you say?

Get on that.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

In the spring, Brenda Hillman curated a reading at the Albany Public Library, which I was part. I read with Brenda, Angela Hume, Melissa Mack & Jessie Sandoval and it was truly wonderful.

My reading begins at 25:20, if you'd like to check it out. I read from my mss. Merry Hell.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Evan Kennedy/Jackqueline Frost/David Brazil reading-performance at Canessa Gallery was A W E S O M E

I took some video of the Evan Kennedy/Jackqueline Frost/David Brazil reading-performance at Canessa Gallery last night. My iPhone video lasted for 40 glorious minutes of this 60 minute glorious performance. By all accounts, including mine, truly magical and special. Check it out below...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

written last night in my journal, radiator, "repaired" bullet holes, helicoptors, Sappho, the party days are over but the party's not:

Aphrodite Deathless     of  spangled  consciousness
….beginning----------looks like I need the tiny Greek dictionary blue-bound near the couch. the furnace radiator hisses & spits demands attention as I see my reflection near the patched-up old bullet hole in our bay window. beyond downtown Oakland & its array of mysterious helicoptors. they seemed to appear at Occupy and never go away. more likely, i began to NOTICE helicoptors during Occupy & haven’t unnoticed them. should I translate Sappho o-so-translated, but I want to be a part of/with her. she’s calling me (out). need to re-up my flagging Greek.
“Accomplish, accomplish. You
                            be my ally”                      O, Sara, would you just listen
                                                                and be still
                                                                                in a chair floor or bathtub
just hear me sing ----------    right. I got some new pens and they’re listening and they’re not the ones but I am the one changing the photos of me on the internet
because the party days are over but the party’s not.


I'm reading a book, The Meaning of Aphrodite (Paul Friedrich), albiet I'm reading slow, as I keep pulling other books onto my desk too, like The Women Incendiaries (Edith Thomas), which I'm re-reading (about the women of the Paris Commune) and Yoga Morality (Georg Feuerstein) and I Have Become Alive (Swami Muktananda). Is there ever enough time to read everything? I can never stay in the hot water of the bathtub long enough.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

(Sara Larsen)
with Dana ('s poster)
at Kasey and Brooke's place.